Wednesday, July 04, 2007

First Class Skyboxes at Desperation Isle

My friend, deputy, and business partner, Vivienne Schell, has spent the past few months honing her building talents, and has produced a handsome series of low-prim skyboxes for small-to-medium sized lots. Aside from looking damned good, the boxes (depending on the model) feature professionally scripted doors, windows, and teleporter systems. Each skybox is Rez Faux-packaged for easy positioning, and all models are copy/mod so you can tweak them to your liking and start fresh if you mess things up. (Don't you just HATE non-copyable prefabs? I certainly do!)

These sky homes are sold under the Desperation Isle Productions label and meet all of my personal standards for Second Life residential structures.

You can browse and purchase all current models at SLExchange right now (lots of good pics of each structure there), or you can see them all in person at our shop on Desperation Isle. To get there, just follow these simple steps: Teleport to the isle (you can find us by searching the world map or Places Search for Desperation Isle- just make sure you have the Mature checkbox enabled for Places Search). At the welcome area, you'll find an ad and teleporter for the skybox shop to the left of the freebie givers and Desperation Isle slideshow.

To use the teleporter, click the round base under the sign and click 1 in the dialog box that appears. This will rez a blue transport beam. Touch or sit on the transport beam to be teleported to the store. Inside the store (it's the small building in the center) you will find vendor boxes where you can purchase the homes. You'll also find another teleporter which can take you to display models of each house.

All of my proceeds from sales of First Class Skyboxes go directly into the upkeep and further development of the Desperation Isle estates.

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